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Fly Over Snohomish

In a hot air balloon!


For over 40 years historic Snohomish, Washington has been a beautiful place to experience Hot Air Ballooning. A Hot Air Balloon ride over the lush valley, trimmed with tall trees and foothills provides the best views of the Cascade Mountains, local wild life and the surrounding Puget Sound area.

Float high enough to see Seattle, Mt Rainier and the Olympic mountains or drift just above the river catching a glimpse of salmon swimming up stream, beaver building their dens , deer sipping from the river and eagles soaring over the tree tops. 

Check Ballooning of your Bucket list, gather as a group of friends or family, celebrate your birthday or anniversary, or just treat yourself to an extraordinary experience. We fly 7 days a week, twice a day between May 15 and September 30. Book your flight today

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